In the fall of 2010 Nike Amsterdam organised a cool local campaign: Take Mokum. We were very enthousiastic, because the more figurerunners the better. Every new runner is a step towards the Olympics! What we liked a lot is that this campaign succeeded in motivating people from Amsterdam to run art and also in uniting them online, providing a gallery of all the art.

One thing that was a pitty, is that even though it was all about making art involving running, it wasn’t really Figurerunning. To make art you had to do the following:

1) Draw a figure online behind your computer
2) Run wherever you want using the Nike app
3) Fill your online drawing with colours, by using the kilometers you had run with the app

This means that you are not experiencing the fun of actually being the pencil!

But on the other hand it was really cool, because it allowed us to one day run an aeroplane in Brasil and the next day run a sun in the streets of India 🙂 (see image)


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