New FigureRun of the Week!

We have received mail form the Czech Republic:

As a part of the We Are Red Hat Week, me and my colleagues ran around Brno in Czech Republic and the attached image is our result. I hope every-body recognizes a red fedora hat, which actually comes from Shadowman, the Red Hat logo. ShadowManthumb

We made 37km together, devided into 3 parts, ran by 3 groups of people. The event was fantastic and everybody enjoyed it very much. We’re looking forward to the next figure run already.


Great job Honza! The ‘We Are Red Hat Week’ organizers must have been very happy with this beautiful result, weren’t they? ūüôā We are looking forward to more of your drawings!

We have received an enormous drawing from Remko from Amsterdam. He ran up and down the canals in Amsterdam and managed to figurerun for 33,1 kilometres!! Wow. That’s HUGE! And colorful too! ūüėČ Great job @re404!

The colorful canals of Amsterdam

Lovely spring image. We think it is an animal enjoying a nice apple. What do you think? Definitely the FigureRun of the week! Thanks Judit Aszódi!






Need I say more? Of course this is the FigureRun of the week!
Thank you Sabine for going out to run this in freezing Berlin. Masterpiece.


This weeks FigureRun goes to Martin Bro from Gistrup in Denmark. He posted the picture to our Facebook page and said: “Like walking the dog.” We love it Martin, congratulations!

And the FigureRuns of this week are twins. All of a sudden we are seeing a lot of runners in Denmark. Not only that, drawings of similar species of animals are spotted around Copenhagen. What is going on?

Hippocampus on a leash by Michael Laugesen, Tapdrup

Unknown species by Ole Hegnet, Vanl√łse

And the FigureRun of the week goes to…….. @alephazim! We think he is the first FigureRunning of the Week runner from Kuala Lumpur and we love the use of color in the end (or the beginning?) of his creative paper clip in the park ūüôā Well done @alephazim!


And the FigureRun of the week goes to…….. @botteaap He basically begged for it on Twitter. Normally we can’t be bribed that easily, but we actually really liked this colourful dude with a Mohawk. Thank you and keep running!


So proud of all of you running in the cold winters!

And this week the FigureRun of the week is……. this dog from ‘The Baarsjes’. It is the first ever artpiece of @mcsjeen. Great work! Keep running art!


This time we decided not to call out a FigureRun of the week, but the FigureRunner of the month! Klas from Sweden send us his first artpiece the beginning of last month and since than he created a great collection. This one is our favourite, but definately check out his other works here! Tack Klas!!

Maybe the first art piece from¬†Slovakia? The city of¬†Devinska Nova Ves¬†lies close to the border of Austria (who will make the first FigureRun over there?) and had a perfect city plan for¬†Zdeno KardoŇ° to draw this nice figure, with nice feet! ūüôā Great job Zdeno!

This weekend the first FigureRunning Tournament was organised in Hallstahammar, Sweden. Check out these nice results of the Tournament! A beautiful Elephant made by Marianne & Tommy Kiiskilä and how about this nice streetdancer from organiser Emil Berglund? Greeeeeat job Emil!!


FigureRunning founder Willempje ran in Tel Aviv, check out the beautiful result!


FigureRunner Laurens send us this:

“Running in my own neighbourhood is just fun! If I was a soccer player of Sparta, then I could make the figure smile, but unfortunately I’m not…¬†Hope this drawing will make it to the gallery of the week!” Well, Laurens, it did. Great jumping figure, we are looking forward to your next art piece!


FigureRunning is of course not limited to running alone, you can go figurebiking, figureskating or figure lawnmowing as we mentioned before, but now we have a new discipline: FigureKayaking! Check out this marvelous rubber duckie from @mihxil! He made it in his kayak and even dropped his phone in the water while doing it :S Oh dear, luckily he’s let us know that his phone dried up well and is working properly again. Pfew. Great art piece @mihxil!

Olympic FigureRuns are now made all around the world! Check out this great FigureRun from Torbjörn Kjörk from Sweden. He joined the FigureRunning Olympic Symbol competition and wrote:

“Here’s an attempt to run the Olympic Game Football logo. I did it here in Gothenburg in a large nice park Slottsskogen The football is placed around an old athletics arena.¬†Maybe i will contribute with more if¬†I find anything suitable ūüôā ”

Great job, Torbjörn!


You almost can’t have missed it, but we’ve launched our FigureRunning Android app this week. This leads to the first FigureRuns made with Android, hooray! Carel van Wingerden has sent us this art piece, too bad that it didn’t help the Dutch soccer team, but it is the FigureRun of the Week, congratulations Carel!

Send us your art at

@gjcath from The Hague, Holland has send us this great FigureRun. Can you guess what it is?

Congratulations, you have made it to the FigureRun of the Week!


It is the first FigureRun of @re404 Remko Siemerink from Utrecht, the Netherlands. And as other FigureRunner @Marnixbras says: “When the first sheep is over the dam, the rest will follow!” Beeeeeautiful drawing Remko, we hope to see more of your art soon!

Alan Klein from London has send us this amazing SUPERMAN!

Alan writes: “It was 13k in total cos I got a little lost on the cape and had to erase some!¬†Thought you guys could do with some love from London ūüôā and really enjoyed it. How do I get featured on your website or in the Flickr gallery?¬†It was the best way to spend my saturday morning.”

Well Alan, here you go, you’ve got featured in the FigureRun of the Week gallery, on Twitter, Flickr and on Facebook!

Wilkommen leute von der Schweiz und Deutschland! We have received a very nice art piece from Jonas Kolb from Pfäffikon in Switzerland, his first one, but very advanced! Nice work Jonas! Did you also make a nice FigureRun? Please send it to us at and you might become FigureRun of the Week, just like Jonas!

She never FigureRunned before and yet Kate first art piece is one of the most beautiful ones we have ever received! And the first FigureRun from Australia! Kate tells us how she started:

“it was my first attempt. i broke my hip in the honolulu marathon, so i’m run walking now. i’ve been kind of bummed not being able to get back to running and just doing the same old thing. a friend tagged me in a post about this app and it’s recharged me. i am not a person who can just run the same laps over again.¬†

i shared this one over facebook and already have had requests to do certain objects. this is the perfect running app for those of us who want more fun in the run.

by the way, the little circles are roundabouts on the top of hills looking over brisbane. this app will get me running again AND get me more familiar with my city. BEST. APP. EVER!!¬†katy “

ūüôā Go Go Katy!!

Almost easter, so we see some nice eggs, bunnies and this beautiful Easter Chicken appearing in the FigureRunning timeline. And not just a chicken, it is a 17 km big chicken! Great job @ingridkiekt , you’ve made it to the FigureRun of the Week!

FigureRunning starts to become a trend in the Czech republic! Check out this awesome Space Invader made by Score¬†game magazine! You are the one and only FigureRun of this Week! Let’s try to draw more Space Invaders, Aliens and Mystery Space Ships on the ¬†world map. Please send your pixel-run-art to us!

The first FigureRun from the Czech Republic! Within our spring theme Vlada from Prague made this beautiful flower, while she was testing the Android version of the FigureRunning app. Way to go Vlada, we are very proud that you are the first Czech FigureRunner!

We got a dedicated team of testers for the Android version of the FigureRunning app,¬†that’s coming up this spring. And all this testing leads to great creativity. Check out this nice ‘Juggler’ made by¬†Jon Burdon from West Yorkshire, UK. Good job Jon!

The FigureRun of the Week goes to a Berlin run we did last week, finishing our famous FigureRunning ‘Sweaty Feet’ Font. You can download the typeface now and write with it yourself. ¬†To finish it we ran this, can you guess what symbol we ran??? All the credits go to Associated Press filmmaker Jona being able to follow us while running, and the super FigureRunning team Renate, Johnny, Saul Pullivan, Stuart and Willempje. Climbing fences, running under the Brandenburger Tor and throwing snowballs in the sun, I can think of no better way to spend your saturday afternoon ūüėÄ


Edward and his 10 year old son Stefan were on a holiday on Texel, a small island in the Netherlands, and they started FigureRunning in the park. Stefan is convinced this is an ant, what do you think? We love it, great job Edward and Stefan, we look forward to your next art piece!


Nicklas and his son Otis ran this FigureRun close to Belfast, Ireland, and added this message: “Hi, Mummy! Look what me and daddy ran for you! Hope night duty is good, we love you very much!/mummy’s boys.” Sweet FigureRun of the Week and the first from Ireland!



As you can see, even very fanatic marathon runners need a break so now and then and go FigureRunning. @maf1967 ran a toothbrush, while he running with a Garmin watch. ¬†A very clean FigureRun of the Week! ūüėÄ


√údv√∂z√∂lj√ľk Hungary!

We have the first FigureRun from Hungary, made by Peter from Kozarmisleny. He wrote to us (mydrawing@figurerunning dot com):

“I read your pretty unique running style.¬†So I went on to do my drawing : – ) ¬†It is a hairy long necked yeti from Kozarmisleny, Hungary.¬†It was my second attempt. On¬†the¬†first one his legs were to short and¬†the¬†victory sings were not so nice. So thanks for a fun.¬†I did¬†the¬†running with my garmin watch, so I could not do¬†the¬†coloring.”
Thank you Peter, you’ve made it to the FigureRun of the Week!


One of the most beautiful artpieces created with the FigureRunning app untill now: a 17 km big Cowboy!

Isn’t that amazing?! This family walked the Cowboy in Leiden and they used the draft functionality to complete the cowboy piece for piece during two weeks. We say Howdy to that!

Romantic Roel Smits made this and wrote:
“This one is for my dear Boukje who turns 40 today. ¬†Boukje , I love you!!”

Julie Price from San Francisco ran this very nice Figure in the Golden Gate Park. Can you guess what she ran? I asked her if people were looking strange at her when she was drawing the eyes and nose and she said: “I did appreciate the people staring as I drew the cat nose & mouth (although, living in San Francisco, it’s easy to run in circles without looking too crazy – people are used to seeing a lot stranger).”¬†Lol! Julie has made walking+game app as well, check out her¬†Mobile Adventure Walks!

Okay. Maartje Piersma went FigureRunning and asked her Facebook friends: I have been #figurerunning today, can you guess what figure I ran?¬†And then her friends started guessing… and well… we can say that she knows a lot more about her friends now. A potato or boterhamworst with a face? Wedding rings with a heart? A panda? Lol! What would you have guessed?
Okay, Willempje send me the private Whatsapp message from her mother, and I have to post it, because it makes this beautiful BatMan even cooler. @trippielisabeth writes “I am celebrating FigureRunning.” Willempje: ” Why?”, “Because it makes me more focussed than ever!”, “Really?!”, “I celebrate it exists!”, “Haha, great!”. “It is really exciting, especially where I am not allowed to run and then I say to myself: I am invisible for people and then I see bunnies running!”, “*smilie*”, “and then I walk over horsetrack and go running and galloping!”.

Don’t you just love a mom like this?!


Ok, maybe not the right season, but definitely the right figure for the FigureRun of the Week! What a beautiful “Sinterklaas” Bart van Ree ran! He wrote to us:

“It was my first attempt and I didn’t know how much fun it is! People were staring at me like I was doing some kind of raindance while I was trying to draw on of the eyes (small circle in the street!).

I’ll definitely run more figures!”

Geertje van Veen emailed us that a friend of hers saw a face in her run and so she decided to run an eye and a mouth and complete this beautiful FigureRun. Well done Geertje, you made it to the FigureRun of the Week!

Pierre Raso was FigureRun of the Week before, but this time he broadcasted his FigureRunning close to the Mediterranean sea ¬†live via Runtastic. The goal for us was to guess what he was running, but sadly the GPS signal was not strong enough to finish the drawing live. But the output is marvelous! And huge! So let’s try Live FigureRunning again, send us a notification when you want to try it and we’ll showcase it on this blog.

Sure, this FigureRun hasn’t been made this week, but it IS the FigureRun of the week! John Wallace has send us this special run from Seattle, Washington, named “Consecutive Running Day #7000 – 2/28/2009”. He did this personal project in which he ran every day (at least one mile) for 7000 days and then celebrated that fact with this special run. How’s that for motivation!


@marnixbras asks us to keep the computer upside down, so we do that for him. He made it to the FigureRun of the Week with his first FigureRun ever! For who did you run this cute heart, Marnix?


Very creative runner Annemarieke Rendering did it before… she already made it to the FigureRun of the Week in the beginning of May this year, with this lovely bird. But we have to nominate her for FigureRun of the Week again, just because: “This one has ‘ figure run of the week’ written all over it ūüėČ Well, I’m still working on the ‘ of the week’-bit…”


@EljaL and @hugohoes are FigureRunning fans since the beginning of this mindblowing FigureRunning trip! They have one favorite snack: a “Kaasvlinder“. Because of the great guessing game between @hugohoes and @eljal (is it a bikini? L’arc de triomph? Sunglasses? A bow tie? Untitled? A zandLOPER?), ¬†this figure became Figure of the Week!








C’est incroyable! But in France they have been FigureRunning as well! Check out this beautiful Star Wars Darth Vader made by Pierre, who send us his ‘art-of-running’ examples: his first attempts to make a figurerun (a snail!),¬†a duck, a shark and an elephant and the this awesome ubuntu penguin.

John Versteeg read the FigureRunning special in Runnersworld and found out he had been running figures all along! Check out his ‘pooping gnome’, which made it to the FigureRun of the Week and he did also set the theme for this week: poo! ūüôā


A special FigureRun of the Week this time, for all you gameloving runners @iskandr hounered the beginning of the mobile gaming era with a FigureRunning version of “snake”. Ssssssssweet!

This lovely bird was created by Annemarieke Rendering in The Hague and she makes it to the FigureRun of the Week! Congratulations Annemarieke!


One of our most enthusiastic FigureRunners is Eelco Romeijn. Check out this Chinese Dragon he posted on the FigureRunning Facebook page!


Check out this beautiful FigureRun of the Week! It was send to us by Henny Verweij at and made with a Nike TomTom Watch. Can you guess what Figure it is?


FigureRun of the Week: The first figure drawn with the (test version of the) FigureRunning App! Our app-building partner in crime @jankroon ran this lovely figure during a adventurous safari in Den Treek close to Amersfoort.

This beautiful figure was send to us at by FigureRunner @lukaskreutzer! Can you guess what he ran?

Figurerunner @tomroes ran a ‘Pijp’ in the Pijp in Amsterdam, awesome and it makes him Figurerunner of the Week!


To reward @vrinses for her attempt for running the Olympic Rings in Rio de Janeiro (but sadly the apps let her down), she is the Figurerun of the Week!


@lisettevdpijl wasn’t aware that she was Figurerunning, but she ran a beautiful stingray and made it to the First Figurerun of the Week!


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