I like to run in the mornings. It inspires me and after that I am ready for the day! Running figures this sometimes means that I am actually late for work, just because I didn’t estimate the distance or speed accordingly. This morning that happened to me again and this time it wasn’t the distance, but my artistic ambition that caused the delay.

Since I have been figurerunning for a while I was ready for the next level and got myself inspired by the Inca’s. Yes those peruvian GPS-artists avant la lettre (see image). So I decided to try and establish an Inca Nazca line in ‘De Pijp’. Unfotunately the level of detail got me waiting for GPS to catch up with me at every street corner a little too long. I ended up aborting my mission for the first time in my figurerun carreer 🙁 So I got to the office late and hypothermic!

I am very motivated to finish my drawing tomorrow but also to find a solution for this hassle!


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