A lot of people ask me what I use to run or draw figures. Actually there are a lot of apps on the market that track your movement. So my advice has always been to just use the running app that you are familiair with. You will find yourself practicing to learn what is the best way to get your desired figure. How do I make sharp or round corners? How do I pause my drawing? What happens when the GPS strength is weak?

After running figures for a while we found out that every app has its (dis)advantages. Added to that there are functionalities you would like to develop or improve to make better drawings. That is why we are building an app especially designed for Figurerunning now. Think of it as the Photoshop for running.

Below you find some screenshots of our research comparing different apps. Remember my post on running the Olympic rings in Rio a few days ago? The GPS strength was really weak, influencing my workout. This is the result of the exact same run registered with different apps.



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