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Public Broadcaster VPRO exists for 85 years now and this anniversary will be celebrated during the Vrij Denken Festival in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam at the 29th of May 2011. There will a lot of cool things to see, hear and do this day, there will be music, live television and radio shows, debates, interactive installations and a lot more.

Happy as they are with me as FigureRunning employee 😉 the VPRO offered me two free tickets for the person who will run the most beautiful present for the VPRO anniversary.

Normally these tickets are 25 euro each, so it’s worth trying (and fun to do off course!)

Do you want to give it a try and run a special present (for example a gift box, a cake with a candle, the VPRO logo or the face of one of the Rembo & Rembo’s) for the VPRO and win these tickets?

Start Running then!

Map your run and send a screenshot to l.verhoog@vpro.nl or to go@figurerunning.com or tweet it with #figurerunning #vpro #vrijdenken and the FigureRunning jury (Willempje and me) will decide on wednesday 25th who the big winner is!


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