Tomorrow is the day that you can read all about us in the Dutch edition of Runner’s World magazine! Seriously we never even imagined ourselves starring in a runners magazine.

About a month ago one of the journalists contacted us with an interview request. And in preparation for every presentation or interview we always like to… exactly, run a figure. It is a great way of relaxing and energising, getting yourself in a good mood and apart from that it is always very much appreciated by the people we meet.

This time we wanted to surprise Ton de Best with two running men. But we underestimated the running men a bit. We were very late and also the arms of the men were not finished yet… Luckily Ton wasn’t angry and we had a very inspiring interview, not only did we talk about our big dreams for the future, also we came up with a lot of new ideas!

We hope that you enjoy the article. And for anyone wondering about the arms, of course after the interview we jumped on the streets and completed our mission: two running men with arms.





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