You know we love playing outside, and personally I happen to love New Balance, now listen to this. New Balance wants to promote their new store in New York. And to do so they came up with a game. A running game. Connecting virtual and physical space.

Every day New Balance virtually hides so called batons. If you run to the physical place where the baton is ‘hidden’, you can use a special iPhone app to pick it up. Game on. Having picked up a baton you have to run to their new store as quick as possible. And make sure other players don’t come and grab your baton from you along the way! The first one to bring the baton to the store gets a free pair of shoes.

A shame we don’t live in New York…
Watch the video for more info or check out the New Balance Urban Dash app in the App Store

Thank you @mdbraber for recommending this campaign to us!


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