The three winners of the PICNIC’11-loves-FigureRunning competition are….. (pweep pweep pweeeeep!):

  • Douwe Schmidt
  • Marnix Bras
  • Enrique Krahe
Great job guys! Congratulations! We will contact you about your full PICNIC Passepartout. See all the beautiful runs and read about the inspiring FigureRunning experiences of all 14 participants below.


Douwe Schmidt  Has run 3 times for the competition! His own comments:
Run 1: My first run, My first upload & hopefully my first time at the Picnic
Run 2: This morning I decided that one heart was not enough. So I went to work in Bos en Lommer. Bos en Lommer is full of hearts. I found six, but drew only five, leaving one for you. I didn’t want to appear to greedy. Enjoy and watch out for traffic as you pass the Haarlemmerweg!
Run 3: FigureFloat at the PICNIC area at the NDSM terrein – an ilovenoord heart! a winner! 😉 my second heart in Noord already. Must be because I was born there 😉




Marnix Bras ran two artpieces. His comments:
Run 1: “As mentioned in the blog I would really love to earn that passe partout! Since my Figurerun of the week in Central Park NYC I try to make some figures back home in the Netherlands as well. This one is a small statement of love to running in the the green heart of Amerfoort, park Schothorst in Amersfoort. As interaction designer I love to share my heart on PICNIC11.”
Run 2: ‘I Love Running’  and he commented “sometimes feet say more then words. I took more then 5 km running up and down the park in central Amersfoort. I am amazed I even touched the 10 km/h avarage-.. Swerving around youngsters sitting down, mopeds all around, even hurdling over some hedgehogs.. 🙂 






Enrique Krahe He ran moving hearts! His comment:
“In the Tanthof Park (South of Delft), a land sculpture named Mother Earth lays down in an uncanny manner. Does the new heart in her hand means that she is kindly offering us her love, or just suggesting the nicest picnic area?”







Special FigureRunning recognition to Mijke Derksen! She and her friend biked a Figure and they used Google Maps, hearts and a great YouTube Video to show us their art.






Mijke Derksen: “Instead of running, we took our bikes out to create a heart in our lovely hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands. Hopefully you enjoy the photos as much as we love riding our bikes!” 


Roxana Torre (More moving hearts!) “It was difficult to find a heart around Delft!!. Only after digging into the Vinex Atlas we managed to discover a nice heart in Ypenburg, just in the junction of two highways (A4 and A13), and then a second one inside of the first one. The result is this growing heart. (found an run together with Enrique Krahe)”






Bart te Riele My first try at figurerunning. Loved it! Had to run through rough terrain at some points, to keep drawing the right line. Great experience. Hope it will get me a ticket to picnic. Has been on my wishlist for far too long anyway… Didn’t do just one heart, but two hearts connected. Yes, you can call me sentimental.






Martijn Verver  “I walked the hood voor nearly fourty minutes, getting lost in a railway crossover, met some nice girls with hoolahoops (showing me the wrong way though) and got myself together along the track. Finally got picked up somewhere along the line by my neighbour (Guy, 16yrs, about to party all night long) and dragged myself home. All for the love for Picnic..”






Barbara Putman Cramer Since it was my first attempt at figurerunning, it took me a couple of runs – but I found the heart of Twente in Losser. Too bad I wasn’t able to track my runs through the woods, would’ve allowed for a bit more freestyling. Next time!”






Rianne Hoeve  ran a big heart in Utrecht






@ingah ran in London






@FredLeClerq “Deze week 10 jaar getrouwd … als dat niet romantisch is @figurerunning #hardlopen #grensgeval”






@pindsvin kept on trying and managed to create great hearts!












Leonieke (not in competition 🙂 “My first heart since the PICNIC loves FigureRunning game started and first time with the official FigureRunning iPhone app, w00h00!”







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