Wow the 1st of October was another exciting day for us. It was the day of the big Betahaus festival in Berlin. The Betahaus is a coworking place, which lots of creative professionals call their office. And the Betahaus festival was basically showcasing the cool projects, ideas and businesses that are born and grown there.

We applied for two exciting pitches that day. One of them being the Betapitch, an initiative of the Betahaus that gives promising internet startups in Berlin a chance to take the stage and tell them why they are the next big thing. This edition was won by Musicplayr, a great tool that enables users to play and share their loved music links. Check it out! Of course we would have loved to win, but FigureRunning got a special mention by the jury 🙂 Thanks guys!

Also in the Betahaus that day people could enjoy the ceremony of the Awesome Foundation. An ever-growing, worldwide network of people devoted to forwarding the interest of awesomeness in the universe. Don’t you just love that? We were selected to present our project for the Berlin Chapter and ….. we won! Wooohoo! So after a long day I was walking home with a paper bag with €1000,- cash, no strings attached. I know what you are thinking, but know we are not going to give a party with it. That same paper bag is now save in my cupboard waiting for the Olympics. We are going to use the prize money to paint the streets of London next year. 🙂 Stay tuned!



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