At the 4th of october it was World Animal Day and we asked you to run your favorite animal.

Check the stunning results!

@eljal: For all you catlovers out there #figurerunning

@eserym: @figurerunning 1'figure after 4 weeks start to run...

Maartje: Verlate dierendag! Hi, I have been #figurerunning today. Can you guess what figure I ran?

Annemarieke: I've already sent you my bird, but to practise for this figure run I also ran a whale. A very much neglected animal on world animal day 😉 Good luck on your Olympic mission!

Ellis: FigureRunning got me running for real! So my focus is now less on running creatively anymore. But to make a long story short: this run can be a Paramecium (pantoffeldiertje) or a Humpback whale?

Willempje on Facebook: It was meant to be a tekkel.... but I can see the head and the zigzag part being a Nicolosaurus!

Leonieke: Oehoe, what did I run?

And on my way running the Oehoe Figure I tried to collect more animals:


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