McDonald’s has announced that it will open worlds largest fast food restaurant at the Olympics next year. They have an exclusive deal being the only branded restaurant. As the Official Restaurant they’ll feed the athletes, coaches, media and spectators, on site during the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. It is estimated that they will be serving one in every five meals sold at the games.

McDonald’s states that it is not a weird combination and that the sponsorshop reflects their own values, being universality, accessibility and team spirit. But of course health campaigners are protesting to the Olympics being closely associated with unhealthy food. Or as the Daily mail puts it: ‘Health message of Olympics is lost’

As our healthy form of protest we ran an infographic of the relationship between fast food and sports. We calculated the kilometers you have to run to burn a Big Mac.

The Big Mac we ran is 9,9 km, so we can order some extra sauce tonight 🙂

During our Hamburger run we encountered 6 McDonald’s restaurants!!!

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