FigureRunning teamed up with Berlin’s No.1 typography outlet Letters Are My Friends to bring you a special kind of design challenge. Together we thought it would be awesome to create a real font out of FigureRuns.

You will get the chance to design your own typeface by running through the city and using our new FigureRunning or any other GPS-based mapping app. Use the cities grid to run a letter and send a screenshot of the map to us. We collect letters that are run by people all over the world and when we have a full alphabet we transform them in to a real font. When you download it, you can use the FigureRunning Font to write your name, a sweet note to your mother or even a book.

Do you want to become part of this special FigureRunning and Letters Are My Friends project? The font will be made freely available under the creative commons licence (CC BY-SA 3.0) in early 2012.

Run with us and become a typeface:

  • Choose your favorite letter and find it in the streets of your neighbourhood
  • Send the following items to
    • An image of the letter you ran
    • A picture of yourself
    • Your motivation for choosing that letter: “I ran the M in Amsterdam because I love Martin”
  • Deadline: December 15th 2011

What happens next?

We will select the best letters to form an alphabet. All runners, their picture and their motivation will be in the in the credits. The font will be released at a special party and after that it will be available to download online via FigureRunning and Letters Are My Friends.

What’s your favorite letter? Get out and run it now!



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