For FigureRunning this is a BIG week. We ran a Big Mac… and we made a huge step on our road to the Olympics!

This is the week in which Gerard Dielessen, Director General of the NOC*NSF, found out about FigureRunning. During the live show Top Names  at Fast Moving Targets viewer @hugohoes asked:

“Will NOC*NSF recognize FigureRunning as an official olympic sport in the future?”

Hosts @erwblo and @stekel did a perfect job on explaining what FigureRunning is and looked at the bigger picture – what is the future of combining the physical world with the virtual world to get people to exercise sports and work out?

Dielessen answered:

” The Federation of Athletics should embrace digital, game driven initiatives like FigureRunning and Zombies, Run! immediately. These are innovations that you can just pick up. Do it! By using digital networks, you can connect new people, who are interested in these specific types of sports, to your team or club” (Free translation*)

Afterwards Dielessen described on his blog on how he thinks about the future of digitalization and sports and that future looks very bright for FigureRunning and other initiatives that manage to use to power of digital networks, motivational support of your friends, measuring technology and fun to get people moving.

As for the necessity to change Dielessen writes:

“For sure the endless possibilities of the new digital world will play an important role in realizing our collective missions and goals. Old and settled structures are under pressure because (cultural) behavior is changing due to digital possibilities. Todays sports club is not the sport club it used to be in the early days and it for sure isn’t the same sports club as we will know it in ten years.” (**)

FigureRunning is just a smal example how to handle this change. We did our first babystep and are ready to walk the whole exciting road. Rio 2016 here we come!

(Watch the whole Top Names show with Gerard Dielessen below – in Dutch)


* NL: Dielessen: “De Atletiekunie zou digitale, spelgedreven initiatieven zoals Figurerunning en Zombies Run direct moeten omarmen. Dat zijn innovaties die voor het oprapen liggen. Pak het. Door digitale netwerkstructuren in te zetten kun je nieuwe mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in deze specifieke soorten sport aan je binden.”

** NL: Dielessen: “De (oneindige) mogelijkheden van digitalisering gaan ongetwijfeld een belangrijke rol spelen bij het realiseren van onze inhoudelijke en collectieve doelstellingen. Oude en vertrouwde structuren worden immers ter discussie gesteld doordat het gedrag van mensen door alle digitale mogelijkheden enorm aan het veranderen is. De sportvereniging van nu is niet de sportvereniging van vroeger en al helemaal niet de sportvereniging van over tien jaar. “


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