Two weeks ago we started our alphabet project. What is the idea? You run your favourite letter, we collect all the letters of the alphabet and then we turn it into a downloadable typeface. Or actually we don’t do that, but this cool studio “Letters are my friends” is going to do that.

So get into your running gear and:

  • Choose your favorite letter and find it in the streets of your neighbourhood
  • Send the following items to
    • An image of the letter you ran
    • A picture of yourself
    • Your motivation for choosing that letter: “I ran the M in Amsterdam because I love Martin”

Below you see a little update on the letters we have so far. And our favourite one is this artpiece from Julie Price from San Francisco:

Why this is our favourite? Because Julie told us the sweetest story. “I drew “Ricky” today just south of Golden Gate Park and east of Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  I’ve been working around the clock and haven’t seen my husband much because of my schedule, so this was my way of saying hello to him.  He was ecstatic when he saw “Ricky” written in the streets of San Francisco :)”


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