Yes yes yes, we are nominated for the Future of Health Award! Sounds great doesn’t it!

This is what the jury said: “Even though the idea for this game is not new, the way these two runner geeks organized a community around this idea is wonderful. It created great social involvement and the execution is creative. With some help, Figurerunning has the potential to become a real social community or even movement – a Figure movement. The idea has the potential for reaching a broad target group with more applications possible.”

What? The Future of Health Award?

The competition “The Future of Health Award 2012″ is a joint initiative of CZ healthcare insurance, TEDxMaastricht and Games for Health Europe. 68 people pitched their idea for a health (care) related game during the Games for Health Europe conference and FigureRunning is one of the last 5 nominees. In April 2012 during TEDxMaastricht, the winning idea for the Future of Health Award will be chosen. That is a long time away, but for now we are very happy with our nomination!



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