Last Saturday was our first attempt to run a big massive multiplayer art piece. We designed a big drawing, got together 11 runners, divided the route into little parts…. and this is the result! A face on Berlin of approximately 40-50 km. So actually it is an alternative marathon!

Why did we do this? During the Olympics in 2012 we want to make a big drawing in the streets of London and we have to practice of course. All the lines you see are actually ran by people. Because we don’t have the official multiplayer function in our app yet, we had to Photoshop the drawings that were run together. So that is why the map sometimes looks weird. But it is real 🙂

We have learned a lot from this and want to learn more, so we are planning on doing something similar in Amsterdam. Let us know if you want to join!

And a big thanks to all the runners: Yasmina, Philip, Muara, Lente, Alper, Rob, Daniel, Alice, Janine, Jan, Petra!

A 40 km face in the streets of Berlin ran by 13 FigureRunners

The sketch we made beforehand

After our design we had an extra participant and we asked him to run a cool accessory, So Philip ran these headphones!


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