One of the fun things about FigureRunning is that you can use it as a different way of communicating something. In The Netherlands we have the saying: “Say it with flowers”, but we would like to introduce “say it with a run”!

Over the past year we have seen some great examples of this. I received my first ran birthday cake for example. Roel Smit ran a surprise for his wife when she turned 4o. And Nicklas and his son Otis run a heart for Otis his mum while she was on duty. So sweet!

But now we received a new kind of message. One I hadn’t seen before. Inge Kuijper quit her job in London and this was her way of saying goodbye to her colleagues:

“It is nearly time for me to say bye bye.. and I wanted to say it with a real world drawing 🙂
Thanks for a great time at our London office and would love to stay in touch in the new year.”



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