One month ago we celebrated the first year anniversary of this blog. We are very happy to be online and a lot has happened since the launch! But how did all of this actually start?

Let me take you back to 2009. I used to be a dancer and a coach. For a long time I have been giving dance classes and sports work-outs. My experience is that people feel better when they exercise their bodies. Not only physically, but also mentally! A few years ago I got a desk job. I missed the exercise and started running. Running is great. It’s cheap – you only need shoes – and it’s flexible – you can do it whenever you want. Running is great … and it’s boring!

I started to experiment with different running Apps (RunKeeper and Nike plus). They measured a lot and provided graphs of my speed, my distance …  Then I discovered that it was also possible to visualize my route on a map. I could draw while running! One of my first FigureRuns was this bunny. I started sharing my art on Facebook, Twitter and than Leonieke was one of the first who started running art aswell . When I turned 28, she ran me this birthday cake 🙂

We started playing little games on, like “Can you guess what Figure I ran this morning?” Playing these guessing games with friends really motivated me. I received positive feedback and funny posts of friends, they even were requesting new runs. So it actually motivated me to run more and more. Eventually a small community of FigureRunners evolved, we came up with a lot of ideas and we decided to start and build our own blog and apps! Now we are entering new domains, new areas to be conquered. Stay tuned!


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