With FigureRunning we want to inspire people around the world to have fun while and by keeping fit. And if there is one thing that we have learned last year, it is that there is a need for motivating initiatives to get people to exercise. We believe in designing incentives combining three elements: mobile technology, game mechanics and social networks.

The essence of the mobile technology is that it enables us to turn your body into the Game Controller! How? By tracking your movements with sensors, we can translate those movements into something meaningful in the game. In the first version of our App we use geographic location (GPS) and compass sensors, and the game is to make a drawing. But this is only the beginning. We are experimenting with using other sensors, like gyroscopes or heart rate monitors or whatever is available as input for gameplay.

So we are just at the beginning of our adventure. There is a whole world of games to be developed based on this principle.



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