Last Monday it was the hour of truth… we were nominated for the Future of Health Award and had to deliver our final pitch. We had already sent our proposal to the jury and now it was time to convince the audience of TEDxMaastricht.

It was a very inspiring day. Talking to professionals and contemplating the future. Unfortunately we didn’t win the award. But the winners, Heartville, have developed a very interesting concept and we congratulate them for this opportunity to be a game changer in the industry!

The prize was determined by a combination of a jury vote and a public vote. We were thrilled to discover that FigureRunning was voted for most by the audience. The audience of TEDxMaastricht, health care professionals from around the world, have voted FigureRunning the nr 1 concept!

Thank you for your support, this gives us so much energy to develop this further! Hope to see you all soon.

Leonieke Verhoog & Willempje Vrins



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