We have discovered a small bug in the Free Version of the FigureRunning app. After you made a FigureRun and you want to publish it, you can, but if you try to send it with an email (to yourself, your friend or figurerunning), you get stuck in the menu. The e-mail has been send when you push the ‘save’ button, but you can’t leave the mail client in the app, so you might think the app didn’t send the drawing, and, more important, you can’t go to the home screen to make a new drawing.

We have fixed this bug and we upload the new version of the Free app to iTunes today, so you will be able to upgrade the free app somewhere this week.

For now there are four possible work arounds:

  1. Don’t send your FigureRun with e-mail. Share it to your Photo album and e-mail it from there.
  2. Just use the Free app and send your drawing with e-mail, and close the app manually (see picture below) to get out of the e-mail client in the app *
  3. Download the paid version of the FigureRunning app (€1,59). This version doesn’t have the bug and you get extra features like more colors, saving your drawing as draft and multiple erasers.
  4. Wait for the update of FigureRunning Trial version later this week. We will keep you posted on when the app is available.

Keep up the good work and send us your drawing or feedback at go@figurerunning.com 

* How to close the app when you get stuck in the mail client:
– Click on the home button to go back to your home screen of your iPhone – you now see the first screen with all your apps
–  Dubbelclick the home button (2x) – a bar with your latest opened apps will appear. If you just closed the FigureRunning app, you will see it within the first four icons, otherwise you have to scroll to the right to find the app
– Put your finger on the app and hold it until a red delete icon appears. Click on this delete icon and the app is closed.
– You can now open the app again by pushing the icon in your home screen and make a new drawing.


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