Worldwide we see more and more people discover the fun of combining GPS and creativity. A new discipline in FigureRunning is FigureBiking! Or FigureCycling? How would you call it?

There are all kinds of styles, like the Tokyo Zoo project, where the cyclists used a Sony NAV-U navigation system to draw gigantic animals in the streets of Tokyo. The animals were requested on twitter to the Tokyo Zoo and were programmed in the navigation systems of the cyclists. You can see the result on The Tokyo Zoo Project site or watch the video below.


BMX rider Michael Wallace from Baltimore USA has created huge drawings with GPS and calls his art ‘GPX art’. Smart! And beautiful drawings can been watched at his website or you can follow his adventures on twitter @wallygpx  We love his Angry Birds scene and are in awe by his Donkey Kong scene:

Donkey Kong - Picture by Michael Wallace

Angry Birds Scene by Michael Wallace

Hydra Bus 16.02 miles picture by michael wallace

Pagoda 11.43 miles - picture by michael wallace

Superconductor 12.32 miles - picture by michael wallace

Hurricane Irene 10.36 miles - picture by michael wallace

GPX Mythwallogy 9.72 miles - picture by michael wallace

Titanic 7.58 miles - picture by michael wallace

Big Rig 13.32 miles - picture by michael wallace

Los Dias de Los Muertos 8.99 miles - picture by michael wallace

Grapes 7.10 miles - picture by michael wallace

Lunar Lander 13.58 miles - picture by michael wallace

Terminator 6.16 miles - picture by michael wallace

Alligator - picture by michael wallace

Stickbike 3.11 miles - picture by michael wallace

Next to Michael Wallace also James Redekop from Toronto tracked all his bike rides and made an animation out of it.


Graphic designer Vicente Montelongo draw this giant 8bit Space Invader on his bike in San Francisco:

8bit space invader - picture by vicente montelongo

He writes:

“It’s a good way to get exercise and see the city,” said Mr. Montelongo, who is working on a series of GPS drawings based on the beloved video games of his youth. “You end up going on these streets that you would never otherwise go down.”


8bit gator and pitfall - picture by vicente montelongo

And remember the brave cyclist contestants of the PICNIC’11 competition? They created a huge heart in Utrecht in the Netherlands and made a video of their fun:



There are so much creative things to do with GPS+Creativity+Moving/Exercising that we have decided to adopt them all as FigureRunning (FigureCycling / FigureBiking / FigureHiking / FigureWalking) and report on them all (remember our post on FigureLawnmowing? 🙂 ). Please send us your GPS Art and we will showcase it here on the FigureRunning blog!

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