We are very very very excited to announce our trip to Boston! You might remember we were presenting at Games for Health Europe conference last October. Well, now we are crossing the ocean. Boston is hosting the Eighth Annual Games for Health Conference and we are invited to present!

Stretching at the Games for Health Europe logo last year. All warmed up now!

What conference?
On June 12-14 the Games for Health conference brings hundreds of researchers, health professionals, and game developers together to discuss a wide range of topics involving health and videogames. Over three days, more than 400 attendees will participate in over 60 sessions led by an array of international speakers. Topics will include exergaming, physical therapy, disease management, health behavior change, biofeedback, rehab, epidemiology, training, nutrition, and health education. Keynote speakers include: Constance Steinkuehler Squire, senior policy analyst for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Jane McGonical.

Of course we celebrate the fact that we are invited. This is a big step for FigureRunning. But also we are very excited that this conference is growing to have an impact, showing the importance of this field of innovation. And we want to thank the crew of Games for Health Europe, without them this wouldn’t be possible.

Stay tuned!


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