The FigureRunning Team went running in New York and Boston last month, they made an olympic swimmer in London last week and now you can go FigureRunning yourself in Rotterdam!

As you know, FigureRunning is a new sport that encourages you to get creative, go outside and discover new places while running and getting fit. The competition is not about your running speed or distance, it’s all about drawing with gps, creativity and exploring the neighborhood.

So, become a master the art of Figurerunning and join the FigureRunning walk during the NAi City Olympics at 27th of July 2012. Next to FigureRunning you can also enjoy skateboarding, BMX courses, freerunning and of course the opening of the Olympics in London at a large screen at the NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute).

So don’t hesitate, celebrate the summer and come and play with us at 6 pm at the NAi!


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