Mystery solved. We were on Danish TV. Thanks Malene Møbius, Rikke Kastberg, Joan and PalleA for helping us solve this!

We don’t really understand it, but it looks like Lasse Kristiansen is doing a good job in explaining the advantages of FigureRunning. This is a short summary of the conversation, written by Palle Arentoft.

“January has been a “Get fit month” on TV here and one evening they presented the FigureRunning app and a guy went out for a 25 min run to “draw”/run a figure. When he came back he explained why it was so much fun to do:

There is no focus on speed
No focus on distance or time you do your runs.
Its a matter of having fun while you do it
You can brag about afterwards
You can “battle” with friends to do the same figure or better figures”


Want to see it? (at 13.40 and again at 37.53)

And of course thanks to all the all the artists who have send us these drawings, now you are famous in Denmark 🙂


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