The e-mail went into our spambox, so we missed this amazing terrific awesome initiative for nearly a month, but now we found out, we could not believe this…

86 students and teachers from Poprad in Slovakia went out for a collaborative FigureRun!

They wrote the following:

We did some Figurerunning today.
86 students and teachers of Gymnazium Kukucinova Ulica Poprad, Slovakia, ran the acronym of the school’s name (GPUK) and the number 60. This was a unique and exciting way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our school which is the oldest secondary grammar school (college) in our city. This event was successful enough to get us into the main news on Slovakia’s most watched TV channel!

The students enjoyed figurerunning so much that we are planning to repeat a similar activity in the near future. I have attached some photos and video of the run.



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