Great news! Today we have launched a new version of the FigureRunning app for android.

What is new in this version:

Automatic upload to the online gallery
The android app now ‘talks’ to the new FigureRunning online gallery.
You can automatically upload your FigureRunning art piece to the online worldwide gallery at, tag it in the app to create project together (for example #animal, #heart or all the letters of the Sweatyfeet alphabet) and share the link of the artwork easily.

Start running, invite other artists and make art together with friends. Create a massive art piece with your all your classmates or play tic tac toe with a friend! Start a run, click on ‘invite artists’ and see your friends run in your drawing.

Make a sketch before you start running, so you won’t lose your route or send a sketch to a friend and let them run your design.

↓ Download FigureRunning for Android (for free!) ↓


The new iOS version of the FigureRunning app, also connected to the online gallery, is expected to arrive next month. So iPhone users, hold your horses for a little longer or download the old version if you really can’t wait…


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