Leonieke and Willempje are two pencils and Berlin is their canvas

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Willempje Vrins
With a background in both sports and gaming it is not a coincidence that Willempje started figurerunning. Willempje has been a dance and sports instructor since 1999. She has thaught classes, presented workouts and given workshops at many schools and studio’s in the Netherlands. And being interested in applying media in new and useful contexts she graduated at both the University of Amsterdam and the Professional School of the Arts Utrecht, combining a degree in Mediastudies and Art Management. In the last few years Willempje has been focussing on applying media design, and more specific applied game design, being the program coordinator of a Research & Design group at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Leonieke Verhoog
LeoLovesFigurerunning. Period. Combining one of her favorite activities of her childhood (playing outside and running through other peoples gardens without being seen) and her current passion to get people to be more creative with new media tools, Figurerunning is the sport for her.  She is one of the enthusiastic ambassadors of Figurerunning and she uses her skills and experience of working at Dutch Public Broadcaster VPRO to tell stories with digital tools and promote this new fun way of making art while running. Since she is running around drawing figures together with Willempje, she feels like the point of a giant pencil and won’t stop running until the worldwide canvas is completely filled with Figurerunning art.

Jan Kroon
Jan Kroon was a management team member of the start-ups Planet Internet and KPN Hotspots, and worked on European-award-winning KPN business development projects  RFID (tracking & tracing) and NFC (mobile payments).   Six months ago Jan Kroon started his own company, aiming at publishing Mobile Apps that make the world a better place. When he met Willempje, and saw her Figure Runs, he was convinced that a Figure Running App will be such an App. Figure Running makes daily exercise more fun, more creative and more social. Have Fun and keep in shape!


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