We all know YOU love FigureRunning and we hope you want to help us win the SportNext App Awards, a Dutch competition for the most innovative, creative and fun sport app.

What you can do to help FigureRunning win:

  1. Go tot the SportNext App Awards website
  2. Click on the ‘Tweet’ or ’email’ icon under the FigureRunning logo
  3. e voila!

The deadline to promote the sport-app you love is the 9th of may 2013.


We think we can win, because these are our results on the criteria of the SportNext App Awards Jury:

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Innovation and creativity:

FigureRunning combines Sports and Art and finally makes running fun.

FigureRunning is a tool that enables joggers to turn their city into a Draw Something session. Merging cardio and drawing, FigureRunning is a new sport that enables joggers to create scrawling designs by digitally recording their paths across a city grid. Working with GPS-enabled smartphones and the FigureRunning iPhone app or FigureRunning Android app, runners become human-pencils as their routes are tracked on a neighborhood map. During the run, runners can switch colors, erase their mistakes (by running backwards) and creating the most beautiful artpiece they can think of. Once their runs conclude, they can share their artwork with friends on Facebook or Twitter and soon at the worldwide FigureRunning Gallery too.


User experience and functionality
The app is very simple. Just start running and you see the line being drawn. The drawing you want to make is leading in your running exercise, so you discover new routes, new spaces in your neighbourhood and discover your city in a whole new way. It makes you climb fences, because you really want to finish that second ear of the rabbit.

If you are bored with running alone, you can also start using the multirun function and draw a picture together with your friends or neighbors.

Usage and popularity

In februari 2013 a mind dazzling amount of 450.880 people have the FigureRunning app on their phone, also thanks to a collaboration with the Sony Xperia Go, where it has been pre-installed. We see a daily average of 5.500 people open the app and we get lots of drawings, which we collect and select in the FigureRunning of The Week Gallery. Worldwide FigureRunning has been downloaded the most in Mexico, Sweden, India, Russia, Germany, Malaysia and the Netherlands.

FigureRunning is a popular topic in the media and spontaneous ambassadors of FigureRunning rise, like Lasse Kristiansen at the Danish Television, the famous cape-runner Alan Klein from London in Wired UK and Associated Press Filmmaker Jona Kallgren in Berlin

We designed FigureRunning as a motivator to go running. Of course there are a lot of people who don’t necessarily want or are able to run. But it is just as important for them to get excercise! As part of our mission to explore the possibilities of FigureRunning in healthcare we organised a Wheelchair FigureRolling pilot session with some teenagers at the Hoogstraat Revalidation Centre.

Next to that we got a lot of e-mails from people who tell us that FigureRunning helped them to start running or getting moving again, like Kate from Australia, who broke her hip in the Honolulu marathon and started walking again with the FigureRunning app and created this awesome shoe.

Design and creativity

This needs no further explanation. FigureRunning is an app that empowers people to get creative.
Like this awesome eagle KUNTUR from @trippielisabeth, this humongous lynx from Ulrika Kärrö from Sweden and this tiny, but creative, ant from Edward Cuilenborg and his son.

FigureRunning has been founded by Willempje Vrins, Jan Kroon and Leonieke Verhoog. They are combining their skills in sports, media, games, innovation and tech to develop FigureRunning to its full potential.

The FigureRunning logo and style has been designed by Baba Anousch. The iPhone app has been designed and developed by one of the three FigureRunning founders, Jan Kroon. The Android version of the app has been designed and developed by the superskilled androidguru Hugo Visser of Qbus ICT. The online gallery of FigureRunning (under construction) will be build by frontend maestro Frank Bosma and code purist Stan van de Burgt.

Sport 2.0

We actually can’t say it better than Gerard Dielessen from NOC NSF did on Fastmovingtargets.com:

“The Federation of Athletics should embrace digital, game driven initiatives like FigureRunning and Zombies, Run! immediately. These are innovations that you can just pick up. Do it! By using digital networks, you can connect new people, who are interested in these specific types of sports, to your team or club” (Free translation*)”

The power of Sport 2.0 is exactly the fun of FigureRunning. Your friends guessing what you have ran, motivating you to run again, further, more often, more creative. By making the art shareable and more likeable than the average Facebook status update of a run, it is also more fun for the people who watch and encourage people to work out. With the power of the web you can suddenly compete on creativity with somebody on the other site of the world, like in this hearts competition or create a Sweaty alphabet together.


Okay, it sounds already fantastic, we did great on PR, we made a lot of people move, we presented FigureRunning on Games For Health in Boston, drew the Statue of Liberty in Central Park and it has been an amazing roller coaster until now already, but we aren’t there yet!

Our vision is that people around the world are inspired and find joy and adventure while and by keeping fit. Our mission is therefor to become an official Olympic Sport in 2016.

To get there, we will connect our apps to the online gallery, so everybody can see other peoples art work, get inspired, download routes and start projects and competitions themselves.

So, drop your computer, put on your running shoes and Go FigureRunning!

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