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5 April 2012 – Video made by Jona Kallgren from Associated Press

As shown on Kuala Lumpur Malaysian tv and posted on Stern.de , Handy-Wissen.de, Welt.de, Morgenpost.de and YouTube

14 March 2012 – Our first article in Czech Republic: written by Karolína Vránková in Respekt

22 Feburary 2012 – Arte, diseño, tecnología y running unidos Triamax.com








20 Feburary 2012 – Type geeks & athletes rejoice! Sweatyfeet is a typeface made via Figurerunning The Next Web








January 2012 –  Goede voornemens 2012 – We rennen de calorieën eraf in de vorm van een Big Mac – Algemeen Dagblad






February 2012 –  Herzen rennen –Tagesspiegel










January 2012 –  Il fitness si trasforma in arte: fai disegni correndo per strada – Sole 24 Ore










December 2011 –  Vier kilometer fur ein bild – Berliner Zeitung








15 november 2011 – Thanks to an article in this Danish Newspaper Poliken the Swedish Radio maker Kicki, of radioshow ‘Kropp & Sjöll’ (Body&Soul), found FigureRunning and decided to interview us for the national radio. This led to a great interview and a lot of new Swedish FigureRunners! Listen here (it starts at 45:20) to ‘Kropp &Sjöll’ of Tuesday November 15th 2011 – it’s in Swedish, but we speak in English.










11 november 2011 – We’ve got featured in WIRED UK







08 november 2011 – Again thanks to editor and writer Hugo Hoes, we’ve got an article in Z!, the newspaper that is sold by homeless people in Amsterdam. With the courtesy of @eljal, who made the nice Kitten FigureRun for Pet’s day.


Aug 24th 2011 – PICNIC – PICNIC loves FigureRunning








July 7th 2011 – PSFK – Art meets excercise with FigureRunning










July 4th 2011 – Quantified Self Labs – Willempje Vrins and Leonieke Verhoog on FigureRunning











July 2011 – NPOX Festival – Speakers










June 9th 2011 – Red Magazine – Lifestyle









June 9th 2011 -Grazia – The Hot List









June 9th 2011 – Quest Psychologie – Life is a game









June 3rd 2011 – Bright.nl – mention in article about HEMA Sport and Games contest

June 1st 2011 – Holland Herald – (±3 mln readers in KLM airplanes!)










May 31st 2011 – article in Parool Style page (yes, we’ve got style!) (2nd time in Parool!) written by Liedewij Loorbach









May 19th 2011 – article (5,5 pages!) in Runner’s World magazine written by @tondebest and pictures by Bastiaan Heus.








May 2nd 2011 – Amsterdam FM radio – Ochtendhumeur [Dutch]


Hihi, check the back page of this NRC Handelsblad commercial in the VPRO Gids, also shown on tv: A nice advantage of being part of the first tabloid edition of NRC Handelsblad!


April 23rd 2011 – Parool – [Dutch – Download PDF]:


April 2nd 2011 – VARA Radio – Spijkers met Koppen – [Dutch]:
Our item is at the end of the show at 01:40:40 and keep listening untill the end, because the finishing song is partly about FigureRunning as well! 😉

Listen below

Get Microsoft SilverlightBekijk de video in andere formaten.


April 1st 2011 – Sevendays Magazine – Weekkrant voor Jong Nederland – [Dutch]:


March 25th 2011 – Mobfest – Ignite 7 Amsterdam – Arcade goes Mobile – What is the future of mobile gaming? Presentation at Mediamatic:

Tuesday March 22nd 2011 – Zuidasrun.nl [Dutch]:


Thursday March 10th 2011 – DRS3 Radio Show [German/Switzerland] “Durchgeknallte Trendsportart aus Amsterdam” :


Tuesday March 8th 2011 – NRC Next [Dutch]:


Monday March 7th 2011 – NRC Handelsblad [Dutch]:










Thursday March 3rd 2011 – http://www.frunning.eu/site/rennen-voor-je-figuur/ [Dutch]

Monday February 28th 2011 – Presentation at The Quantified Self #2 – Mediamatic Amsterdam:


Leonieke Verhoog & Willempje Vrins – Figurerunning from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.





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